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UPDATE – MCG access for commercial passenger vehicles

Jul 4, 2019 | News

A solution to the ongoing saga of taxi and hire car access to the MCG during major events is a step close with Roads Minister Jaala Pulford promising to facilitate talks with Melbourne Cricket Clubn (MCC).

Mr Barton wrote to Roads Minister Pulford in April asking for assistance  following traffic management changes at the MCG which have excluded

“When there are large crowds they are stopping all access for taxis and hire cars, forcing them to drop passengers at Brunton Avenue or Wellington Parade,” said Mr Barton.

“We have received many complaints when the changes were made, and we continue to hear from drivers who are frustrated as they deliver clients to events.”

“There seems to have been little or no consultation or notification that access arrangements had been changed. Many drivers were surprised to arrive at events in march and be turned away. Their customers were not happy.”

The increasing number of commercial passenger vehicles and drivers touting for business after the games has lead to overcrowding, but the policy to ban access to all drivers meant passengers were being dropped on busy main roads and was creating even greater safety problems.

Mr Barton has proposed an easy and no-cost fix, by prohibiting parking on Jollimont Terrace and making that street a one way with vehicles turning in from Wellington Parade south and exiting via Jollimont Street onto Brunton Avenue.

“I believe this just needs an application of common sense, and I’d hope we can see a result before the end of the season,” said Mr Barton.

LINK – Read Minister Pulford’s Response  [PDF]


Image – FlickrCC – David Chau

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