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UPDATE: Lawyers not needed at North East Link panel hearings says Minister

Jul 16, 2019 | News, North East Link

We received a response this week from the Minister for Planning, Richard Wynne following Mr Barton’s question in parliament regarding the need to get legal representation to present individual cases on the North East Link Environmental Effects hearings.

In his response Minister Wynne said those appearing before the North East Link panel hearing aren’t required to “lawyer up” and assured members of the public they would not be cross-examined by inquiry advisory committee (IAC)  members or lawyers for the North East Link Authority.

North East Link Panel Hearings Lawyer up - Minister for Planning

The NEL Authority has a team of lawyers assigned to present its case to the panel, with local councils and other stakeholders also bringing lawyers to the directions hearing in June and using legal teams to present to the IAC.

“I encourage people who have indicated they want to appear before the IAC to take this important opportunity to speak about their concerns with the North East Link Environmental Effects Statement,” said Minister Wynne in his response.


View Minister Wynne’s response in full here.

Media Release – concerns over need to lawyer up for NEL panel hearings




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