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Uber Class Action Settlement

Mar 18, 2024 | News

Uber has been held to account by taxi and hire car drivers when governments failed to do so.

Uber has blinked and has settled on the steps of the Supreme Court the night before a trial was due to start today over their alleged illegal behavior!

This class action was brought against them by Maurice Blackburn on behalf of the taxi and hire car industries. It is the fifth-largest settlement in Australian history.

I am so proud that we have held Uber to account. Thank you, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, for the incredible hard and complex work that was done over the past 5 years.

Thank you to Harbour Litigation for believing in and supporting working families and for funding this case, which simply would not have got off the ground without them.

For the taxi and hire car families who traveled this road with us and believed in what we started all those years ago.

Thank you for your resilience! Andre and Nadav done!


It’s important to understand how a collective decision was made to settle prior to trial.

The amount on the table was considered by the lawyers to be thereabouts in their experienced expectations of a likely outcome.

Nobody was going to risk an outcome that could possibly reduce what is on the table. To go to trial would add millions of dollars to the legal fees, and it was a real possibility that we may not have been successful at all.
There was no guarantee of success.
If we were successful, we would then get dragged into further appeals, culminating in ending up in the High Court, adding many years and tens of millions of dollars to the legal fees! For what? A similar amount, or less, or possibly nothing at all!

There is a minority view of some who are underestimating the level of experience, not only of Maurice Blackburn, the largest and most successful class action law firm in Australia, but also the expertise of Global litigation funder Harbour.

Their experienced and considered opinion is that the most appropriate course of action was to settle in the best interests of the group members.

If others want to spend in excess of 30 million dollars in legal fees of their own money and risk it, they can.I’ll say part of something is better than all of nothing! We can be really proud of what has been achieved.

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