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Tinternvale Primary School

Aug 19, 2022 | Electorate, News, Parliament

My constituency question is for the Minister for Education. A constituent of mine sends their child to Tinternvale Primary School. Since 2012 this school has received limited funding for an update of their buildings. They have spent thousands on maintenance that should have been spent on resources for their students. Most of the buildings have had only minimal upgrades over 44 years. There is currently a hazardous electrical fault with outside lighting, and workmen have now refused to fix it as they cannot access the roof. The entire structural integrity of the roof is compromised beyond repair. The structure is too unsafe for workmen to even lean a ladder on. It has been assessed that these structures pose an immediate risk, and someone could be seriously injured due to collapse. Minister, have there been recent occupational health and safety assessments on Tinternvale’s need for urgent and major building repairs?

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