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Taxi Fare Increase – Draft Report

Jul 7, 2022 | Advocacy, News, Parliament

I am very pleased to see that Essential Services Commission (ESC) has released its draft report for a fare increase for taxis of 10.4%
This has been a long time coming!
I am extremely pleased that our advocacy and our motion to include taking into account Fare Work Commission (FWC) annual wage review, (this increase is double FWC recommendation of 5.5%) and the ESC must take into account the commercial viability of running a taxi.
I am satisfied with the fare increase which is fair in the current environment. However, some other elements need further work which I will work with Minister Pearson and the ESC on.
ESC will release it’s final decision in September 2022. The new maximum fares will become effective 1 October 2022.
To see the report and provide feedback go to https://engage.vic.gov.au/unbooked-taxi-fare-review-2022-

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