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Submissions close on CPV reform inquiry

Jul 1, 2019 | CPV Inquiry, News

Transport Matters Party leader Rod Barton has thanked members of the taxi and hire car community for their persistence and bravery in making submissions to the inquiry into the taxi and hire car reforms.

Submissions to the Economy and Infrastructure Committee closed last week with over 150 submissions received, largely from small business owners who have faced extreme financial and personal hardship following the reforms in August 2017.

“I know from speaking with many of these people and reading through the submissions that this has been a very difficult and emotional time and I want to thank everyone for their bravery,” he said.

“The taxi and hire car reforms were devastating from many people and it takes real resilience to keep fighting for fairness.”

Victoria’s CPV Reforms Inquiry Process

Transport Matters Party leader Rod Barton thanks everyone who contributed submissions to the inquiry.

The Economy and Infrastructure Committee will now work through the process of reading and understanding the submissions and will hold public hearings to explore submissions in more detail.

“I am part of this committee and will do my best to make sure the needs of the taxi and hire car industries are well heard and the right questions are being asked,” said Mr Barton



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