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State Basketball Centre Expansion

Jun 10, 2022 | Electorate, News, Parliament

My constituency question is for the Minister for Roads and Road Safety. I had a constituent in Knox contact me regarding the development of the State Basketball Centre. They support the development and are very excited to see the project that will be completed next year. However, the centre, once completed, is expected to have 2 million visitors annually and there is only one exit in the car park, which already suffers from traffic jams. My constituent is concerned that with 12 more courts being built and one exit onto a one-lane road, fans will spend forever getting in and out of the complex. So, Minister, has there been a traffic management plan created for the State Basketball Centre in Knox, and if so, will you release it?


State Basketball Centre Development

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Response received 28 June 2022

I thank the Member for Eastern Metropolitan Region for his question.

The Victorian State Government’s $132 million upgrade of the State Basketball Centre in Wantirna South will create one of Australia’s leading basketball facilities and support the continued growth of basketball and gymnastics at local and elite levels.

I acknowledge that making the road network safer for the visitors to the Centre is important and can advise that the Department of Transport (DoT) is working with Development Victoria to upgrade the High Street Road and George Street intersection. This will provide safe access to the Centre. The upgrade would include adding additional turn lanes to accommodate the increased traffic.

As part of the approval, the Centre is required to prepare an Operational Management Plan outlining the operational issues and management approaches for the facilities in the centre. This will include operational plans for car parking and traffic management, and event specific management plans.

Knox City Council would be co-ordinating and enforcing this operational plan in consultation with the Department of Transport. DoT has not yet received this information from Council.

The Hon Ben Carroll MP
Minister for Public Transport

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