For decades we have struggled to address the congestion in southeastern suburbs and build a rail line to Rowville. However, the state government are looking at “trackless trams” as the potential solution. A report by vicinity centres and Monash University states that hi-tech trackless trams could run between Caulfield Station, Chadstone Shopping Centre, the Clayton campus, costing just $1.4billion and being completed by 2025. These trams would carry 1800 passengers per hour in each direction, meaning Rowville residents would be in the CBD within 50 minutes during the morning peak. Innovative solutions like these are the future! For a long time, heavy rail has dominated our transport system. While it certainly is the best option in some circumstances, in others it can be absurdly expensive and lack the flexibility to be adapted to future transport needs. Trackless trams are cheaper, more flexible and faster to construct than heavy rail. They can deliver the ride and experience of a tram without the expensive infrastructure, including dedicated tracks and overhead wires. Federal Labor has pledged $6 million to plan the trackless tram route if it wins the next election. Labor’s $6 million will fully fund the business case, meaning the state government won’t need to match it.

Trackless trams: new public transport proposal for Melbourne's southeast. | 7NEWS

Melbourne could be home to trackless trams in just four years. The technology would be an Australian-first, and ease some of the city's worst congestion.Subs...