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Rowville Rail Line planning & design works due

May 1, 2019 | Parliament

Mr BARTON (Eastern Metropolitan) (18:04): The matter I raise tonight is for the Minister for Public Transport, Minister Horne. I ask the minister for an update on the progress of planning and design works on the Rowville public transport extension. In April last year the Labor government announced $3 million for design and planning works for a train or rail extension between Caulfield and Rowville. At the time they said these works would be complete in a year—tick-tock. The 2018–19 federal budget also promised $475 million over a five-year period towards construction of a heavy rail line to service Monash.

In talks with Knox council this week we reviewed their public transport vision. The council’s preference is to run heavy rail from Huntingdale through to Rowville. They expressed concerns that stopping at Monash would disadvantage those travelling from the east and that any future business case for a further extension would never stack up if only part of the project was completed now.

Commuters in the eastern suburbs are car captives, the public transport offerings to move around these areas are minimal, and this contributes significantly to increasing congestion on our freeways and roads. Businesses along the proposed extension in Knox and Monash generate almost $27 billion to our state and national economy. These business communities are expanding rapidly, offering jobs, apprenticeships and education opportunities to local residents and those travelling from new suburbs further out. However, getting to work by public transport is almost impossible and car congestion in the area is a nightmare and will only get worse. So I ask the minister to release the findings of the planning and design works through to Rowville or provide an explanation of why this project has been delayed.

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