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Residents encouraged to make submissions on North East Link

Apr 11, 2019 | Media Releases, North East Link

Eastern Metro MP Rod Barton is encouraging residents and businesses affected by the North East Link development to take advantage of the public information and submissions process.

An Environmental Effects Statement (EES) was released this week outlining how the project will impact surrounding residents, businesses and the environment and detailing how any negative impacts would be managed.

“The North East Link is one of the missing pieces in our road network and it’s an important project, however it won’t be without significant impact,” said Mr Barton.

“The release of the EES gives the public an opportunity to understand exactly how the project will impact them and then make submissions to the Minister on how they would prefer these impacts to be managed.”

Mr Barton said congestion down the route the new road would take was a significant issue for the heavily car dependent population of north and north eastern outer Melbourne suburbs and there was much support for the North East Link solution.

“However, up to 36 homes will be permanently acquired along the project corridor, with many others directly affected during construction. Also, 102 business premises will be lost in the process, and there will be many more local residents adversely impacted during construction,” he said.

Sporting facilities, including the tennis club at Bulleen, would be lost and up to 26,000 trees cleared to make way for new roads and tunnels.

“Making a submission and letting the Minister know your concerns and preferred solutions is the best way to having an input into the approval process,” he said.

Mr Barton said his office would make a submission on the EES in support of local council and residents and he encouraged those making submissions to share their concerns with his office.

“My office will be happy to advise constituent and local businesses and sporting groups in how to go about making their submission and ensuring they have their opinions presented to the committee.”

Find more information on the submission process at https://engage.vic.gov.au/north-east-link-project

Read the Environmental Effects Statement at http://northeastlink.vic.gov.au/environment/environment-effects-statement-ees


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