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QUESTION – North East Link report

Nov 26, 2019 | North East Link, Parliament

Mr BARTON (Eastern Metropolitan) (12:59): My question is for Minister Pulford, representing the Minister for Planning. I ask the minister for a time line on the release of the report and recommendations from the independent advisory group’s review of submissions on the environment effects statement (EES) and plans for the North East Link Project. People within my local constituency have been asking for an update. They simply want to know what is going on. Christmas is upon us, and they are seeking reassurance that the committee has heard them and that the minister will listen to their needs and concerns. Many businesses could be severely impacted by the construction of the North East Link, and many will lose their sole source of income. The community needs ample time to prepare themselves, their families and their communities for the change that this project will bring. To do this they simply need to know, to a degree of certainty, the likely and potential outcome, so will the minister provide local communities with an update on the North East Link EES report prior to the Christmas break?

The PRESIDENT: Mr Barton, it is directed to Minister Symes for planning.

Ms SYMES (Northern Victoria—Minister for Regional Development, Minister for Agriculture, Minister for Resources) (13:00): I thank Mr Barton for his question for Richard Wynne, the Minister for Planning in the other house, in relation to the EES and a progress report of where that is up to, and I am sure he will provide an answer according to standing orders.

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