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People’s Climate Strategy Report

Jul 6, 2021 | Advocacy, Electorate

Rod met with Howard & Pam who are two members of the community passionate about the environment and taking action against climate change.

They delivered Rod the ‘People’s Climate Strategy’ Report. They had a fruitful discussion about all things’ climate change. Howard asked many questions and Rod spoke of his optimism that we can tackle climate change as well as various technologies he believes will be critical in reducing emissions.

Rod, Howard & Pam all agreed that the main benefit of the report was that it gave a clear picture of how ordinary people feel about climate change.

If you would like to read the report, you can find it here: https://www.actonclimate.org.au/pcs

If you are passionate about an issue that you are seeing impact our community, please reach out to our office. Rod appreciates and is grateful for members of the community that take the time to reach out and share issues close to their hearts.

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