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NORTH EAST LINK – Rezoning hopes for Bulleen businesses

Aug 27, 2019 | Media Releases, North East Link

Rezoning of council land on Websters Road in Templestowe will bring hope and a much needed plan for the future to Bulleen Industrial Zone businesses says Eastern Metro MP Rod Barton.

In July Mr Barton wrote to Planning Minister Richard Wynne to convey the concern and frustration of businesses in the area and asked him to work with local council and the Bulleen Industrial Zone Group to facilitate discussions about timelines and options for relocation.

“I’m delighted that the North East Link Project team and Council are starting to make progress on solutions for these businesses, ” he said.

The area at  2- 14 Websters Road in Templestowe is a council compound zoned public use and sits immediately outside the urban growth boundary (UGB).

A case for rezoning the site was presented to the North East Link Inquiry and Advisory Committee last week (21 August) outlining the  the legal significance of the UGB in relation to the potential use of the land as a relocation site and options for rezoning.

Mr Barton asked Minister Wynne in Parliament today to undertake the required rezoning of the site as soon as possible to allow Manningham Council to subdivide the area to accommodate businesses from the soon to be displaced Bulleen Industrial Zone.

Constituency Question – Webster Road Rezoning for NEL

I’ve asked the Planning Minister to undertake the required rezoning of the Websters Road site in Templestowe in a timely manner to allow the council to subdi…

“The 4 1/2 hectare area could provide a new industrial zone for Manningham and has room to take about a third of the businesses from Bulleen, possibly more if smart subdivision planning is undertaken to accommodate those businesses who wish to relocate there.”

“If the Minister will prioritise rezoning of this area then it opens it up for subdivision. Manningham Council and the North East Link Project have indicated they are willing to work with Bulleen businesess individually to assess needs and whether this option will work for them.”

After meeting some of the business owners in Bulleen Mr Barton said some were still in disbelief that they will have to move, while others were resigned to closing up completely.

“Most just don’t know what the next step will be. The Websters Road option gives some of these businesses hope and a plan to work towards.”

Websters Road could offer a new home for 30 or more businesses, but there is still work a lot of work to be done to accommodate the others.

“No one doubts the need for the North East Link, but we do want to see the best possible outcome for the small businesses, employees and families who will bear the cost of clearing the Bulleen Industrial Zone to make way for the road,” said Mr Barton.



Link – North East Link IAC Submission – 21 August 2019 

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