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Notice of Motion for an Inquiry on Children with Parents in Prison

Nov 17, 2021 | Advocacy, Motions, News, Parliament

I am bringing a motion to inquiry on children with parents in prison.
Currently, no one is responsible for these children despite the clear need for family support. These are the invisible victims of crime in Victoria.
This inquiry will give a voice to these children and hopefully prevent them from suffering the consequences of the actions of their parent. They deserve hope and compassion.



I give notice that, on the next day of meeting, I will move —

That this House requires the Legal and Social Issues Committee to inquire into, consider and report, by no later than July 2022, on the possible impact imprisoned parents have on their children and the adequacy of policies and services to assist those children in Victoria, and in particular —

  • what policies exist;
  • what services are available and how effective these services are;
  • identifying areas for improvement; and
  • any other matter the Committee considers relevant.

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