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Network moves to keep essential taxis on the road

Mar 24, 2020 | Media Releases

A move by Silver Top Taxi to lower network fees to support taxi drivers will keep this essential service on the road according to Transport Matters Party leader and Eastern Metro MP Rod Barton.

The taxi network has announced an immediate rebate on all depot fees for its drivers in Sydney and Melbourne, with additional rebates for drivers on a job by job basis as they continue to work.

“Taxis are an essential service and this move will encourage those that can to keep up services to our communities,” said Mr Barton.

“But we need to keep taxis on the road to provide a safe option for people to get to the supermarket and essential appointments if they have no other transport options,” he said.

Mr Barton said the industry had stepped up its cleaning processes in response to Covid-19, with drivers advised to clean the taxi between every job and depots open for thorough cleaning throughout the day.

“Passengers in taxis should follow social distancing guidelines as much as possible by sitting in the back seat, by using tap-and-go payments and continuing to wash their hands frequently,” said Mr Barton.

“In these challenging times I would encourage the community to support this essential service when they can, and book their trips through the accredited taxi networks.

“This is not the time to risk unbranded cars who may not be motivated to follow the required hygiene requirements,” he said.



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