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Oct 7, 2021 | Electorate, News, Parliament

Mr BARTON (Eastern Metropolitan) (15:49): My constituency question today is for Minister Carroll in the other place. A mature-age constituent of mine who lives very close to my office, Lesley, has encountered difficulties when topping up her Myki card. Unfortunately passengers are unable to top up their cards on buses. This has left Lesley with only two options—that is, to top up online and experience a 60-minute wait period for the money to show up on the account or find a Myki top-up machine.

Many of our senior population struggle with the process of topping up on the app or online, and finding a top-up machine in the outer suburbs is difficult when you rely on Public Transport Victoria already. It is not often the machines are within walking distance. This makes what should be an easy experience an extremely stressful situation for many of our senior citizens. My question is: how is the government ensuring that the Myki system is accessible to all Victorians, especially our senior population?

Myki Top Ups

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ANSWERED 26 Nov 2021 -Hon. Ben Carroll

I thank the Member for Eastern Metropolitan Region for his question.

There are a number of simple ways for customers to top up myki.

Customers still have access to top-up at rail stations, through either a myki machine, quick top-up enquiry machine (QTEM) where available, or face to face at the ticketing office window at premium stations. Other locations which accept customer top-ups include all 7-Eleven convenience stores and many hundreds of independent myki retail agents located across metropolitan Melbourne and some major regional locations, as listed on the PTV website.

The Department of Transport (DoT) continues to explore opportunities to make the ticketing system and travel on the public transport network more convenient and accessible to all Victorians.

The myki ticketing system offers two key accessible top-up methods for all Victorians, including seniors: ‘auto top-up’ and the recently launched ‘myki instant top-up’ for both Android and Apple smartphones.

All myki customers have the ability to set up auto top-up which ensures they will always have sufficient balance to take their next trip. Auto top-up can be set-up to top-up a minimum of $10, when the myki balance reaches or falls below a minimum threshold of $10 (both amounts are configurable).

DoT recently publicly launched the capability to instantly top-up a myki smartcard through the PTV mobile app on most current model smartphones. This effectively provides most Android and Apple smartphone users with their own personal myki top-up machine, enabling customers to both check the balance held on their myki and top-up the myki with payment from a bank issued payment card. The process is as easy as presenting or scanning your myki smartcard to the back of the smartphone, selecting the value to top-up, and entering your payment card details, with a top-up being as little as one dollar ($1).

Additionally, on most Android smartphones customers can purchase a digital ‘mobile myki’ on which they can enable auto top-up in addition to directly topping up their digital myki through a payment card held in the digital wallet. A key benefit of mobile myki is that customers do not need to hold a physical myki smartcard, and are only required to present their smartphone with the digital myki to the myki readers when travelling on the public transport network.





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