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Media Release – Repair the Past

Nov 27, 2020 | Media Releases, News

This week in Parliament, Rod Barton called on the government to repair the damage caused by the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Reforms of 2017.

At the time of the reforms, Taxi licences were traded for half a million dollars and a Car Hire licence for upwards of $80,000.

Yet in 2017, Taxi licence holders were devastated to learn they would receive a pittance of the actual value of their licences.

Today, the Industry stands flooded by those attracted by a $55 yearly registration fee, hopeful to make a quick buck – yet many have discovered that they were sorely mistaken.

There are simply too many vehicles and drivers for individuals to make a sustainable, liveable income.

The Andrews Labor Government must acknowledge that the 2017 Commercial Passenger Vehicle Reforms has caused widespread devastation, suffering and loss.

In reading in this motion, it was clear that Rod Barton was expressing not only the emotions of his own family’s hardships but also that of an industry on its knees.

The financial hardships, stress and uncertainty faced by the individuals, families and companies who owned perpetual taxi licences can only be described as simply horrendous.

Yet, ‘it is possible to fix this’ stated Rod ‘We, as elected representatives have a moral obligation to recognise and repair the damage of past reforms.’

If this industry is to be restored, the Andrews Labor Government must step up and fairly compensate former perpetual taxi and hire car licence owners.

Rod Barton’s motion can be read in full at: https://rodbarton.com.au/motion-repairing-the-past/

Watch Rod’s speech at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxTbeL9puYA


Quotes Attributable to Member of Eastern Metropolitan and Leader of the Transport Matters Party, Rod Barton:

‘I leave the fate of the families, small business owners and self-funded retirees of the commercial passenger vehicle industry in the hands of the members of the house.’

‘We, as elected representatives, have a moral obligation to recognise and repair the damage of past reforms.’

‘The Commercial Passenger Vehicle reforms have torn through marriages, families and friendships in a way that only profound financial stress, inequality and uncertainty can. The government must step in and release this pressure.’



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