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Media Release – ‘Labor goes back to its roots’ says Rod Barton MP

May 21, 2021 | Media Releases, News

Rod Barton believes the 2021 Victorian budget is a Labor budget with Labor values.

This budget has focused on mental health, education and healthcare, with significant investment in the Eastern Metropolitan region.

Barton is pleased to see $386 million dedicated to the government’s new Road Safety Strategy. Without a doubt, this investment has been encouraged by the Road Toll Inquiry which Mr Barton was heavily involved in this past year.

The $3.8 billion announced to address our current mental health crisis will deliver critical support to our community. Barton has been advocating for more tailored supports for senior’s mental health and is happy to see $264 million for new local and tailored services for adults and older adults. When the mental health of our seniors declines, this disadvantages the entire community.

Barton will continue to push for more community-based services.

Barton believes the $193 million dedicated to addressing homelessness, is a step in the right direction but maintains that many will still fall through the cracks. As we enter the colder months it is critical that shelters have the resources they need to provide a safe bed for those who may be experiencing a variety of issues. We still see so many turned away from homelessness services due to complex factors such as drug use, companion animals and mental health issues.

Barton will continue advocating for those issues that have been sidelined by the government. There are people who have been left behind through no fault of their own over these past few years. Some would like to forget this fact. Barton will not.

Quotes attributable to Member for Eastern Metropolitan and the Leader of the Transport Matters Party Rod Barton MP:

“The government has announced $3.84 billion for Victorian’s mental health. The cost will be far less than the cost of doing nothing.”

“This budget is absolutely necessary in the context of the past year. There are many who have been lucky enough to profit significantly throughout the pandemic. This budget is about those who have the means giving back to those who can’t.”

“This budget has the fingerprints of the crossbench all over it. It is yet another example of how myself and my crossbench colleagues can absolutely influence outcomes.”

“I will continue to advocate for those who haven’t been heard, have fallen through the cracks and have been left behind.”

Media contact: Norm Dunn, Chief of Staff Rod Barton MP, 0438 175 113 Norm.dunn@parliament.vic.gov.au

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