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Knox Gardens Sporting Facilities

May 1, 2019 | Parliament

Mr BARTON (Eastern Metropolitan) (09:41): I am pleased to rise today to congratulate Knox City Council on its innovative solution to expanding change room facilities to accommodate the increase in female participation in sports. It is great news that girls are flocking to our AFL, basketball, cricket and other sporting clubs, but the lack of change rooms means numbers often drop off as girls get sick of changing in their cars. The issue for councils now is that in order to add or to enhance the existing facilities, the entire building must be refurbished to meet the latest building standards, which in many instances blows out the costs dramatically.

In Knox they have come up with a unique solution, which I think should be applauded. Prefabricated modular change facilities are manufactured offsite then installed and finished onsite. Because they are stand-alone buildings, the huge costs of refurbishing the entire building can be delayed. Knox Gardens recently benefited from this modular solution, with many others in the area planned for construction. I applaud the council for thinking outside the box and encourage our young girls and women to continue in their sporting pursuits.

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