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Stop Touting in Victoria

Oct 23, 2019

Thanks to Rod Bartons amendments to  The Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Amendment Bill 2019 – touting is now illegal in Victoria.

Touting is the illegal practice of when a person approaches potential customers directly or by holding up a sign offering commercial passenger vehicle services. It is also illegal to offer these types of services over the internet through Facebook groups for example.

This dangerous practice is now illegal and aims to protect the CPV/Taxi Industry as well as protect unsuspecting passengers from stepping into an unlicensed and unregistered car.

Offenders face fines up to $10,000.

“This is a message to the industry and passengers that touting is not acceptable, and that safety is a priority.”

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The battle to end touting

Touting is a consequence of an industry in chaos. It is dangerous and it must stop. Read the timeline of Rod’s work this year to bring an end to the dangerous practice of touting.


A bill to stop touting in Victoria

The second reading speech for the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Amendment Bill 2019 to return the offence of touting.

ABC News 23 October 2019 – Touting

Touting is unsafe but drivers say they have no choice – the Government’s handling of rideshare services entering the Victorian market has left the taxi indus…

Latest News – Touting

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