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Inquiry into the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Act 2017 Reforms

May 10, 2019

Since the inquiry Rod has achieved a number of regulatory wins for the CPV industry. These include:

  • Secured a Parliamentary Inquiry into the Multi-Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP) after the extension to Uber.
  • Passed a motion to acknowledge the damage caused to Taxi and Hire Car License holders by the 2017 reforms.
  • Ensured that taxi and hire car drivers would be eligible for the $5000 grant as part of the Business Costs Assistance Program during the latest lockdown in May/June 2021.
  • Successfully moved amendments to deliver the first fare increase for taxi drivers in 7 years. This amendment delivered a modest increase of 2.5% on July 1st, 2021, and shifted the determination of maximum taxi fares away from the Essential Services Commission. Fare increases are now determined by the Fair Work Commission annual wage review.
  • Appointed to CPV Advisory Panel to supply recommendations to Transport Minister regarding the future of the CPV industry and a roadmap as we come out of the pandemic.

As part of the advisory panel, Rod will be advising on how the CPV industry should be regulated. This will be occurring alongside the inquiry into the MPTP as it makes recommendations on how to regulate the MPT program.

Business Support Grants 

“It is critical that the taxi and hire car industry is represented in the parliamentary process. That is why I came to this place. I will continue to fight for fairness and a pathway forward for the industry.”

Industry Advisory Panel

Rod has been appointed to an advisory panel charged with developing a Covid-19 support package for the taxi industry and working on the government response to the CPV Reforms Inquiry.

COVID-19 Support Package

Alongside the CPV Advisory Panel and the Labor Government, Rod has developed a $22 million COVID-19 Support package for the Taxi and CPV industry.

Win for the Taxi and Hire Car Industry

The Legislative Council passed Rod’s motion, formally acknowledging the damage caused by the CPV reforms and that Taxi and Hire Car licences were valuable assets

In November 2019 I welcomed 13 recommendations tabled by the Economy & Infrastructure Committee in Parliament that create an opportunity to repair the past and pave the way for a viable and sustainable future for Victoria’s Commercial Passenger Vehicle industry.

Just getting an inquiry into the 2017 reforms was an achievement in itself, but the hard work starts now as I work with the Government and Ministers to make sure that all of these recommendations are implemented in full.

The Government is required to respond to the report within six months of tabling in Parliament – watch this space.

Tabling of the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Act 2017 reforms report

View the tabling of the CPV Inquiry report in the Legislative Council this week.

This is why I was elected to Parliament, to represent the Taxi and Hire Car industry and get some answers, and hopefully, resolution for those effected.

I also want to use this opportunity to find ways we can move the whole industry forward, making it better for all commercial passenger vehicle drivers and operators.

I want to thank everyone who went through the process of making a submission on this inquiry – the committee received 315 submissions.  I also want to thank those that appeared before the committee in the public hearings, and those who followed the process and watched online.

I understand for many this was a very difficult and emotional process. However, it was an  important factor in helping the committee understands the huge impact – emotional and financial – that the legislative changes have had on the industry.



View Submissions

The Economy and Infrastructure Committee received over 300 submissions to its inquiry into the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Reforms. You can view public submissions online.

Public Hearings transcripts

You can read transcripts of the public hearings on the Parliament of Victoria website.

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