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Inquiry into Homelessness in Victoria – Report

Mar 4, 2021 | Achievements, News, Parliament

Today the report into the Inquiry into Homelessness in Victoria was tabled n Parliament.

Rod rose to speak on the report:


Mr BARTON (Eastern Metropolitan) (10:17): I am pleased to rise today and speak on the Legal and Social Issues Committee’s report and recommendations on tackling homelessness in Victoria. Early in my time in this place I brought forward a motion to raise these issues around homelessness. I have been privileged to participate in this inquiry. I have been lucky to be surrounded by like-minded, experienced, talented individuals who were committed to taking this body of work very seriously.

Firstly I would like to thank Lilian Topic and her team—what an incredible, talented team they are—who assisted in putting this report together. I say to Ms Patten, the chair of this committee: some days are better than others, and today is a good day and this body of work the committee can be very proud of. To all of the members of the committee, I thank them for their time, effort and contributions.

I also wish to acknowledge and thank the 452 individuals and organisations who made submissions to the committee and to those who gave evidence at the inquiry. In particular, thank you to those who shared their hardships and their experience with us. I strongly believe that the recommendations made in this report are considered and forceful and have been written with compassion. I hope that the government takes this report seriously and uses this opportunity to improve the lives of vulnerable Victorians.

Inquiry into Homelessness in Victoria

Rod has had the privilege in participating in the parliamentary Inquiry into Homelessness in Victoria over the past 12 months. Rod rose to speak on the repo…



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