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French Uber inquiry finds ‘gaping loopholes’ remain in lobbying rules

Jul 18, 2023 | News

This report from France, raises serious concerns of how Uber influenced the French Government while entering the French market illegally. This was a strategy Uber used in Australia and globally.

The issue surrounding Uber’s illegal entry into countries and the challenges it poses is not unique to France alone. This issue has been a topic of concern globally, and governments in various countries, including Australia, share this responsibility.

The entry of Uber, as a ride-sharing service, has disrupted traditional transport systems in many countries, adversely affecting taxi license holders, gig workers, and even public transport. The rise of Uber and similar platforms has raised questions regarding fair competition, licensing regulations, labor rights, and the overall impact on existing transportation infrastructures.

Governments worldwide have grappled with finding the right balance between innovation and regulation, seeking to ensure the safety and well-being of both consumers, traditional taxi workers and gig workers. The responsibility lies with governments to address these concerns and create a level playing field for all stakeholders involved.

This includes evaluating regulations, implementing measures to protect workers’ rights, and promoting competition that benefits both consumers and workers.

The issue of Uber’s illegal entry and its impact on gig workers, license holders, and public transport is not limited to France alone. Governments globally, including in Australia, have grappled with these challenges. It is important for governments to carefully consider what has transpired and reflect on the implications and must work towards creating a fair and sustainable transportation system that benefits all parties involved.


French Uber inquiry finds ‘gaping loopholes’ remain in lobbying rules

Firm benefited from close relationship with Emmanuel Macron when he was economy minister, inquiry finds

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