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Constituency Question – option for Mullum Mullum Gathering Place

Feb 18, 2020 | Parliament

Mr BARTON (Eastern Metropolitan) (12:42): My constituency question is addressed to the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs. Recently I was contacted by Reconciliation Eastern Metro regarding the future of the Mullum Mullum Gathering Place in Ringwood East, and I took the opportunity to visit the gathering place to see for myself the services they offer there and talk through the issues they face as their landlord, the Anglican Church, attempts to sell the property.

Constituency Question – assistance for Mullum Mullum Gathering Place

I asked the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs to help the Mullum Mullum Gathering Place find a solution to their accommodation issues so they can keep this imp…

I have to say I was shocked at the state of disrepair the former church buildings are in. Boards are falling off the outer walls and water damage in the side hall’s roof has caused ceiling panels to come loose, with some panels hanging over the room. When it rains they use buckets to catch the leaks, and there is no air conditioning in the property. The uninsulated hall is used weekly by 18 volunteers to pack food baskets for the community.

I ask the minister: is there any opportunity for assistance to be made available to this group to help them purchase this property or find an appropriate alternative option in the area?



Mullum Mullum Gathering Place - Gavin Jennings response

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