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Bus Services in Box Hill

May 13, 2022 | Electorate, News, Parliament

My constituency question is for the minister for transport. I have had a constituent contact me regarding the proposed realigned bus routes in Box Hill. $109 million has been allocated to improving bus services throughout Victoria, yet it is my understanding that it is unclear what this funding will actually deliver, especially for my constituents in Box Hill. No information has been provided regarding how much funding has been allocated for Box Hill station and the bus interchange improvements. On top of that we do not know what the new frequency of bus services in Box Hill will be, so the information I seek is: of the $109 million package, how much has been allocated to improving bus services in Box Hill, and what will these improvements be?

Box Hill Transit Interchange

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I thank the Member for Eastern Metropolitan Region for his question.

The Andrews Labor Government recognises the important role that buses play in meeting the travel needs of Victorians. The Government is increasing the frequency of buses on high demand routes from Box Hill and improving services around Deakin University’s Burwood campus, providing locals with better transport connections to employment, education, shops and train stations.

The package of works is part of a $109 million investment in the State Budget 2022/23 to improve bus services across the state.

Extra bus services will also be rolled out across high demand routes from Box Hill to Southland via Deakin University and from Box Hill to Clayton via Monash University, connecting locals to shops, work, education and train services.

Services around Deakin University will be upgraded with improved connectivity to Box Hill, providing easier access and more direct journeys to education and employment.  The upgrades will also support future major rail projects.

Changes to the bus network across Melbourne’s rapidly growing south-east will support the new, accessible, underground Suburban Rail Loop (SRL) stations at Box Hill and Burwood, right opposite Deakin University.

Thousands of students and staff will benefit from the improved services to one of the state’s biggest universities. Planning for these changes is underway and further detail, including the timing of the service changes will be provided to the community when this process is completed.

I look forward to providing further detail to the Member’s community once this planning work is complete.

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