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Brumby Motion – find a new home for wild horses

Jun 3, 2020 | Parliament


Mr BARTON (Eastern Metropolitan) (16:38): I have only got a few words to say on this subject. This has hit a core right across Australia, right through Victoria and right down into my electorate. These brumbies are a part of Australian folklore, and certainly blokes of my vintage whose grandfathers would have served in the First World War understand this. There is no debate as to whether these animals need to be moved because of the environmental harm that is being done, but we do not need to shoot them. This is a job for our stockmen and stockwomen. We need to track these brumbies, round them up and give them new homes. We all understand that brumby horses are not native to Australia; however, brumbies are part of Australian folklore and they deserve to be treated humanely, so I therefore will be supporting this motion.

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