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Barton proposes easy fix for MCG drop offs

Apr 1, 2019 | Media Releases

A new transport management solution is needed to cope with an influx of commercial passenger vehicles (CPV) on event days at the Melbourne Cricket Ground according to Transport Matters Party leader Rod Barton.

Mr Barton has contacted the Melbourne Cricket Club Trust and written to the Minister for Road Safety Jaala Pulford with proposals for new drop off and pickup systems following a complete shut out of all CPVs to the sporting venue at times during recent AFL events.

“We have received many complaints  and there seems to have been little or no consultation or notification that access arrangements were changed. Many drivers were surprised to arrive at events the last couple of weekends and be turned away and their customers were not happy,” said Mr Barton.

Taxis and hire cars have had access to Gate 1 at the MCG via Jollimont Terrace for the last 30 years, but recently the increasing number of commercial passenger vehicles trying to access the drop off zone had led to a total shutdown of the area.

“Guests are now forced to disembark on busier thoroughfares at Brunton Avenue or Wellington Parade without any other arrangements or drop off areas allocated. This creates dangerous and tense traffic issues around the park,” he said..

“Touting is becoming a huge problem after games. It has the potential to become a very dangerous situation.”

Mr Barton has asked the Minister to assist in getting a common sense remedy early in the season to avoid frustrations escalating.

“We believe this should be an easy and no-cost fix. We have proposed prohibiting parking on Jollimont Terrace and making that street a one way  with vehicles turning in off Wellington Parade south and exiting via Jollimont Street onto Brunton Avenue. This would allow taxis and VH plated vehicles to drop off and pick up before and after the game safely.”


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