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ADJOURNMENT: Homelessness in Eastern Metro

Mar 19, 2019 | Parliament

Mr  BARTON  (Eastern Metropolitan) (18:02:58): My question is to the Minister for Housing, Richard Wynne. I ask the minister to detail planned programs to get homeless and rough-sleeping people into supported accommodation.

I am disturbed to learn that our homelessness and insecure housing crisis extends beyond the visible rough sleepers on the streets of the inner city. Over 14 000 people accessed homelessness assistance services in the council areas that touch the Eastern Metropolitan Region in the last financial year. It saddens me to say my region represented 15 per cent of that service.

Local councils and support services are struggling. I spoke with Monash, who now have a staff member dedicated to this, and they said the problem is immense. The first person to move into a new parking development in Monash was a homeless woman. Monash has more than 800 homeless—35 per cent are sleeping in cars and 18 per cent in local parks—who all need our help.

I ask the minister to detail ongoing plans to assist councils in our region to get people into supported accommodation.

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