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Adjournment – Dunlavin and Rooks Road intersection upgrade

Jun 3, 2020 | Parliament


Mr BARTON (Eastern Metropolitan) (18:23): The matter I raise tonight is for the Minister for Roads. Last month I met with the Whitehorse City Council and community representatives to discuss the dangerous intersection where Dunlavin and Rooks roads meet the major arterial, Whitehorse Road. This is a dogleg intersection, where traffic and cyclists are required to turn right then left to cross the main road, but it is a key link between communities north and south of the main road and the rail line. It is the only option for local vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians, with the closest alternative crossing points 1.6 kilometres apart at Springvale and Mitcham roads. The Dunlavin intersection has no traffic lights, which makes it dangerous for motorists turning into or out of Dunlavin, and even more hazardous for pedestrians and cyclists attempting to cross there. The Rooks intersection is hazardous for pedestrians and right-turning vehicles from Rooks Road, which often cut lanes to then turn left into Dunlavin Road.

The intersection is a major flaw in the City of Whitehorse’s low-stress cycling network, which aims to encourage a potential cycling population of 110 000 residents to avoid the major arterials and to use safer routes. However, the nature of the current traffic flow at this intersection splits the pedestrian and cycling routes in two and discourages many people in the communities from walking or cycling in this area.

The community has proposed a protected intersection plan similar to one currently being installed at the Albert and Lansdowne streets intersection in East Melbourne, so I ask the minister: will she review this plan and work with the council, the community and VicRoads to provide a safe crossing for active transport users at the Dunlavin and Rooks roads intersection?

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