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Addressing Australia’s Housing Crises

Aug 8, 2023 | News

Australia is currently facing a severe housing crisis, a reality that has been widely acknowledged and accepted. In Victoria, the Andrews government, has made a significant investment of billions of dollars in what is known as the “big build.” Additionally, the federal Albanese government has recently announced a significant allocation of funds to tackle this pressing issue. However, despite these efforts, Victoria lags behind other states in terms of social and affordable housing.
The investment made by Andrews Government in the big build is the largest ever seen in the state of Victoria. This substantial commitment should be duly recognized for its potential to address the housing crisis. Moreover, the federal government’s announcement of billions of dollars reflects a national acknowledgment of the severity of the problem. These financial commitments represent a crucial step towards finding solutions to Australia’s housing crisis.
In the previous Victorian parliament, a parliamentary inquiry into homelessness was initiated, leading to the generation of over 50 recommendations for the government. These recommendations, which await a comprehensive plan of action, underscore the urgency and complexity of the housing crisis. The inquiry has provided valuable insights into the steps that need to be taken to tackle homelessness and housing insecurity effectively.
Addressing such a monumental issue requires collaboration between the federal, state governments and the private sector. All entities must work together to build social and affordable housing at scale. By harnessing the resources and expertise of the private sector, along with the commitment of the government, it is possible to make substantial progress in resolving the housing crisis. The combination of public and private efforts will be vital in achieving long-term, sustainable solutions.
Recognizing housing as a fundamental human right, it is crucial for Australia to take a bold and decisive action. This country has the capacity to address this crisis within the next decade. By prioritizing the construction of social and affordable homes, and promoting large-scale build-to-rent initiatives, Australia can ensure that all its citizens have access to safe and secure housing.
Australia’s housing crisis demands urgent attention and concerted efforts from both the government and the private sector. The investments made by the Victorian and federal governments, coupled with the parliamentary inquiry’s recommendations, provide a foundation for progress. By working together, Australia has the potential to rectify this pressing issue and fulfill its obligation to provide safe, secure and affordable housing for all.
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