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A Metre Matters

Sep 28, 2020 | Advocacy, News, Road Toll Inquiry

Earlier this month, I took part in the Legislative Council Economy and Infrastructure Standing Committee’s public hearing on the Inquiry into the Increase in Victoria’s Road Toll. Among the many valuable presenters invited to this hearing, the Committee was joined by Australia’s leading cycling safety charity, the Amy Gillett Foundation (AGF), who presented on their priorities to keep road users safe in Victoria.

Notably, the AGF has been campaigning for A Metre Matters legislation changes across Australia for over 10 years. While every other State and Territories has seen changes to this road rule, Victoria remains the only state in Australia that doesn’t have Minimum Passing Distance laws to help both cyclists and drivers interact safely while sharing the road.

The discussion with the AGF was a useful reminder that safety for cyclists is really about safety for all road users. I also recognise the importance of road safety for our supporters, as we’ve seen a rising population of 56,345 Eastern Metropolitan residents who are becoming more actively engaged in cycling this year. Cycling related deaths and injuries are preventable and these crashes don’t just impact cyclists – they also have a terrible impact on drivers that are involved.

As I look forward to continuing to work with the Amy Gillett Foundation on this important issue, I’d love to hear your support in getting A Metre Matters across the line in Victoria and other road safety concerns. If you’d like to learn more about the work that the AGF do, be sure to visit their website at amygillett.org.au

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