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North East Link: Early works begin before EES recommendations and approvals are in

Oct 29, 2019 | North East Link, Parliament

Mr BARTON (Eastern Metropolitan) (12:48): My question is for the Minister for Transport Infrastructure in the other place, on behalf of residents of Yallambie, who are concerned at the differing advice they have received from the managers of the North East Link Project.

Many of these residents, particularly those near Borlase Reserve, participated in the environment effects statement (EES) panel hearings, where they were told that no works would commence until all the required approvals are issued by government.

The community has waited patiently for recommendations from the hearing panel, which I believe are due to be presented to the minister this week. They are hopeful that the panel will take the community needs into consideration.

Minister, can you please advise whether CPB Contractors have commenced work on the early works package and have assumed responsibility for consultation and liaison with residents, who were promised during the EES hearings that no works would be undertaken until the necessary and important protections afforded by the EES process?

Early works start on North East Link despite assurances

I asked the Minister for Transport Infrastructure why early works had started on the North East Link despite assurances to residents that nothing would happe…

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