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Rod has been involved in the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry for over 30 years. Beginning as a Taxi driver in the bustling streets of Victoria to becoming the president of the Commercial Passenger Vehicles Association. It was then Rod found his passion in fighting for the rights of the Taxi industry, fighting for their safety and fair treatment.

In 2018, after the illegal entry of Uber, Rod and his friend and business partner, Andre, decided to take their fight to Parliament. In November 2018, Rod was successfully elected into the legislative Council of Victoria representing the Transport Matters party. He fought for 4 hard years for the rights of the transport sector as well as many other issues close to his heart. Although not successful in 2022, Rod still fights for the rights of vulnerable workers.

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Uber Class Action Settlement

Uber Class Action Settlement

Uber has been held to account by taxi and hire car drivers when governments failed to do so. Uber has blinked and has settled on the steps of the Supreme Court the night before a trial was due to start today over their alleged illegal behavior! This class action was...

Uber “Kill Switch” Claim

Uber “Kill Switch” Claim

No one knows what the outcome will be; this case has the potential to be one of the largest claims in Australia if successful.

Tax Cuts

Tax Cuts

The true crime in regard to tax reform is the multinationals who operate and make billions in sales in Australia and then move the profits offshore, they pay minimal tax in this country, if you make it here you should be taxed here!

Children the invisible victims of crime

Children the invisible victims of crime

In my time in Parliament, I don’t believe I wasted a moment highlighting those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged in our society. As a crossbench member we have limited opportunities to bring forward a parliamentary inquiry. I never wasted an opportunity to initiate...

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2 days ago
Rod Barton

Delving into Uber's Claims: Is Uber Just All Smoke and Mirrors?

While this video has come out of the US, it would be naive to think the US business model is not being replicated in Australia.

Gabrielle Williams MP Safe Transport Vic - CPV & Bus TWU NSW - Transport Workers' Union

#gigworkers #fairpay #driversrights
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3 days ago
Rod Barton

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4 days ago
Rod Barton

So disappointing this is still an issue!For Chris Edwards, Director of Government Relations at Vision Australia, there are some weeks where he and his Seeing Eye Dog, Eva, will be denied up to 50% of their rides by CPV Drivers.

Drivers, it is never acceptable to refuse a passenger with their assistance animal. It's up to you to #DrivewithHeart.
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So disappointing this is still an issue!

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Hearing continual reports that CPV drivers refuse to transport disabled or sick passengers rips my heart out. Wake up you soul less drivers. You should have your drivers authority revoked.

The core issue here is not discrimination against those with a disability. The core issue is discrimination against low paid, desperate workers. I would still be a TD if the reward for effort allowed me to achieve the aspirations I had for my family. I know I am not alone. Alas I couldn’t afford to continue in a career where I loved the work. The only fares I ever refused were those were I felt my safety would be compromised (4 pissed blokes at 4am!) Melbourne’s best taxi drivers are typically ex-taxi drivers. If our best drivers of years past were able to make a proper living in years past we wouldn’t have this problem today. Ensure drivers can earn a proper living and these problems will disappear.

The level of service was never this bad prior to Uber and deregulation. Vision Australia and their love affair with Uber played a role in this crap if my memory doesn’t fail me .

When will the regulator actually get out there and enforce the rules for all the CPV industry? Or is your solution just put your head in the sand and make a post? If just making a social media post was a viable solution then we wouldn't need so many police and no one would commit traffic violations... It's about time you guys got out in the real world and actually regulate rather than create...

1 chance then close their account and take away Accreditation to drive.

Safe Transport Victoria are the regulator,-get off your arses and into the coal face to see what actually happening out here. Maybe Authorised Officers should have minimum of 10 years CPV driving experience. Meters on for ALL passengers including set fares

Must be a one strike policy. Instant dismissal and a lifetime ban from being a CPV driver. Wouldn’t hurt to cull a few of these cowboys.

PAY PROPER WAGES and then they get sacked if they refuse them #wagetheft !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just A bullshit it’s just spreading hate Against a Taxi drivers working as a cab driver from 17 years Never ever Had a single Complaint Against me or never ever Had Refused any fare coz of Disability or short fare . Now they The Mission is Pinch Account Jobs and Cab Charge job from Taxi Industry and Handover to Slaves working as Rideshare Drivers.

The industry Regulator is a Toothless Tiger.

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